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Deliver Growth That Matters

Reaching out to the new India

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Our Story

We are not your regular growth marketing agency offering the plain suite of products.

We are Video growth specialists

Our wheelhouse is New Bharat

Our services are Performance-based.

We strongly believe Indian consumers are evolving and we need to keep up with that evolution.

Our solutions are tailor made of brands across specific audience groups and campaign objectives

Our in-depth understanding of the Vernacular and Urban India gives us an edge over any other Growth marketing agency.

Deep understanding of ALL video platforms – especially those that are are rapidly growing in the Tier-2 and Tier -3 India

Pay only if the promise is delivered

Targeted Paid Campaigns

SuperGrow has consistently delivered more value for less cost for every campaign undertaken till date
We have always delivered targeting both in terms of geography, audience & business goals

Nano Influencers

We use nano influencers for Brands Campaigns core message delivery in their authentic voice which resonates with their tribe. SuperGrow amplifies the reach of our nano influencers by using our proprietary growth hacking techniques.

Multi-Platform Distribution

Different platforms mean different things and serve different needs. After growing hundreds of videos for a multitude of clients & projects, we’ve developed a deep understanding of viewership patterns that help us put your brand at the right place at the right time

Tiktok, Sharechat, Hello, Vigo, Youtube and many others
SuperGrow uses a combination of tech & touch to find the most relevant platforms & threads to ensure we get the maximum relevant reach

Content Intelligence

Identifying content niche & pillars that give your content a significant head-start keeping in mind content nuances across different platforms.

We create a detail one-off report to assess overall affinity for campaign content by doing an in-depth study across Google, YouTube, ShareChat and other Social Media to identify a content niche that resonates most with campaign messaging & audience


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Goa - Donna Paula
Mumbai - Bandra


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