Understanding Youtube – Our learnings over the past 12 months

July 9, 2020
July 9, 2020 admin

Define the Objective

What’s the marketing or business objective you’re trying to achieve? This might seem obvious, but in our experience many brands struggle to clearly articulate a role for content that’s both unique and valuable. Here are some objectives to consider:

The organising principle called ICE—Information, Connection, Entertainment—lets you think about the role your videos will play in a customer’s daily life.


People watch these videos for the latest updates, self-improvement, how-to instructions and decision-making help.


People watch these videos to share with other users, to bond with their communities and to react to friends’ suggestions.


People watch these videos to get inspired, laugh, relax, be nostalgic and relieve boredom.

Understand the Resources Required

Be critical about what you want to achieve and what it takes to achieve it. You might want to create high-quality daily programming—or attention-getting “whoa” moments around massive cultural events—but without production experts and a big budget that’s going to be difficult.

Consider the resources you DO have. What kind of content is sustainable for you?

One-off videos

These can be as short as six-second bumper ads. Get in, get your message across with a quick impactful hit.

Longer form video

Take as long as you want to tell your brand story. Experiment with long format video content.


Can you deliver information in a way that keeps people coming back for more?

Always-on channel

You’ve got the resources to release videos in different formats and styles. Tentpole campaigns live alongside year-round content.

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